Executive Committee and Council Members

The Council is responsible for the running of the ASCH except when the Business Meeting is in session, and acts as the ASCH’s board of governors. The Executive Committee makes recommendations to the Council and Business Meeting. The current members of the Executive Committee are:


Paul Lim, President

Associate Professor of the History of Christianity, Vanderbilt University, paul.lim@vanderbilt.edu

Ramirez Headshot

Daniel Ramírez, President-Elect

Associate Professor of Religion, Claremont Graduate University, daniel.ramirez@cgu.edu


Ralph Keen, Past President

Professor of History and Arthur J. Schmitt Foundation Chair in Catholic Studies, Dean of the Honors College, University of Illinois, Chicago, rkeen01@uic.edu


Caleb Maskell, Executive Secretary

Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Religion, Princeton University, caleb.maskell@churchhistory.org


Andrea Sterk, Editor of Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture

Associate Professor of History, University of Minnesota, sterk@umn.edu

Council Members

Erika Helgen  2019 Yale University
Angela Tarango  2019 Trinity University
Daniel Vaca  2019 Brown University
David C. Kirkpatrick  2020 Florida State University
Max Mueller  2020 University of Nebraska at Lincoln
Matthew Bowman  2020 Henderson State University
Andrea Turpin  2020 Baylor
Lerone Martin  2020 Washington University St. Louis
Maria Doerfler  2021 Yale
Darren Dochuk  2021 Notre Dame
Michel Sun Lee Graduate Representative University of Texas
Gale Kenny Membership Barnard College
Adrian Weimer Graduate Students/ Independent Scholars Providence College
Beth Kreitzer Research/Prizes Marymount California University
Doug Sweeney Finance Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

ASCH Staff

Bryan Bademan  Assistant Secretary for Finance
Andrew Hansen  Assistant Secretary for Membership