Standing committees oversee various operations within the American Society of Church History.

Nominating Committee

Ron Rittgers Valparaiso University
Spencer Fluhman Brigham Young University
Heather Vacek Pittsburgh Theological Seminary
David Holland Harvard University
Paul Lim Vanderbilt University

Membership Committee

Seth Dowland 2017 Pacific Lutheran University
Sarah Ruble 2017 Gustavus Adolphus College
Eleanor Schneider 2018 Atlanta Classical Academy
Abram Van Engen 2018 Washington University at Saint Louis
Gale Kenny 2019a Barnard College

Finance Committee

Amy Burnett 2017 University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Ralph Keen 2017 University of Illinois at Chicago
Richard Heitzenrater 2018 Duke University
Mark Toulouse 2018 Emmanuel College at Victoria University
Philip Goff 2019 Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis
Douglas Sweeney 2019 Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Investment Committee

Enrico Beltramini 2018 Notre Dame de Namur University
Ted Gerbracht 2018 George Mercer Jr Memorial School of Theology
Ralph Keen 2018 University of Illinois at Chicago

Program Policy Committee

Elizabeth Georgian 2017 University of South Carolina
Tom Schwanda 2017 Wheaton College (Illinois)
Jonathan Ebel 2018 University of Illinois
Michael Pasquier 2018 Louisiana State University
Hillary Kaell 2019 Concordia University (Montreal)
Jonathan Yeager 2019 University of Tennessee Chattanooga

GS & IS Awards Committee

Elizabeth Flowers 2017  Texas Christian University
 Chris Evans 2017  Boston University School of Theology
 Troy Tomlin 2018  University of Northern Colorado
 Heath Carter 2018  Valparaiso University
 Matthew Grow 2019  Joseph Smith Papers
 Adrian Weimer 2019  Providence College

Research Committee

Todd Berzon 2017 Bowdoin College
Anne Blue Wills 2017 Davidson College
Christine Shepardson 2017 University of Tennessee
Dana Vaca 2017 Brown University
Peter Yoder 2017 Berry College
Andrew Finstuen 2017 Boise State University
Sarah Rivett 2017 Princeton University
Ellie Gebarowski-Shafer 2018 Middlebury College
Horace Means 2018 Independent Scholar
Willemien Otten 2018 University of Chicago
Peggy Bendroth 2019 Congregational Library and Archives
Maria Doerfler 2019 Yale University
Susan Schreiner 2019 University of Chicago
Robert Elder 2020 Valparaiso University
Beth Kreitzer 2020 Marymount California University
Jennifer McNutt 2020 Wheaton College