Who can join the ASCH?

Anyone can join ASCH, whether you’re a congregational historian or a published author with 10 titles to your name. We welcome a wide array of scholars and are committed to diversity

Does the ASCH only deal with religion in North America?

The Society is based in the United States, but the scope of its membership and interests is global, taking in the history of Christianity and its cultural contexts in all places and times. We have many international members.

Is the ASCH only interested in ecclesiastical history?

Although the ASCH was based in the traditional disciplines of Christian denominational and ecclesiastical history that prevailed when the Society was founded in the late nineteenth century, today the Society’s interests include the broad range of scholarly perspectives.

I wrote a great book related to Church History. How can I submit it to be considered for a prize?

Check out our prizes page here

I’d like to present a paper at an ASCH conference. How do I apply?

See our Call for Papers page.

How can I search a back issue of Church History?

Log into the Membership Portal, click on the "Access Church History" menu item, and then click on the links that take you to either the archives of Church History or the Papers of the ASCH.

I’m not affiliated with any university or church, would I fit in at the ASCH?

We welcome independent scholars and foster a collegial environment, plus we offer members access to numerous scholarly databases. What are you waiting for? Go here to join now!

How can I reset my password?

Just click on the “Forgot Password” link or…
Send an e-mail to the Executive Secretary

My membership has expired, can I renew at any time?

Yes. Log on to the Membership Portal. Use the “Renew Your Membership” button or…
Send an e-mail to the Executive Secretary