Current ASCH Working Groups

ASCH working groups connect scholars with a specific shared interest (e.g., geographic area, period, sub-field, etc.) in the research and teaching of the history of Christianity for regular online meetings throughout the year, and in-person at the annual meeting. To learn more, read our Working Groups FAQ.

We’re excited to announce several ASCH Working Groups for the 2022-23 Academic Year! To join one of these groups, please email the facilitator listed as the group contact below.


British Nonconformity in the Long 18th Century (1689–1834)

Facilitated by Baiyu Andrew Song and Daniel Johnson

Meets approx. every other month

Contact: Baiyu Andrew Song (

This group facilitates discussions on any aspect of English nonconformity during the long eighteenth century. This was a time when ecclesiastical boundaries became increasingly blurred, due to the rise in evangelicalism and heterodoxy. Nonconformists provided some of the most substantial contributions to eighteenth-century religious life, through the hymns of Isaac Watts and the writings of Philip Doddridge, but they also remained on the margins of religious and cultural life. This group will provide space to discuss all aspects of research that pertain to this period. Geographically, this group focuses on the British Isles, with particular focus on England, and stretches chronologically from the “glorious revolution” to the end of the Georgian era.


Christianity and Slavery in the Americas

Facilitated by Max Perry Mueller and Leslie Ribovich

Meets once per semester

Contact: Max Mueller (

This group examines the intersection of enslavement, experiences of enslavement, and Christianity in the Americas. We conceive three main categories—slavery, Christianity, and the Americas—broadly and capaciously. And our approaches to these categories, we hope, involve capacious and interdisciplinary methods and theories (i.e. historical, sociological, settler colonial, and anti-colonial, network theory, as well as ritual and critical theory). We envision gathering to read, critique, and champion each other’s work, as well as envision ways to collaborate in “traditional” (books and articles) and multi-media (DH, public facing) forms of scholarship.


Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Histories

Facilitated by John Maiden, Caleb Maskell, Leah Payne, and Mark Hutchinson

Meets approx. every other month

Contact: John Maiden (

This group examines varieties of charismatic, pentecostal, and holiness Christianity in their transnational, translocal, and cross-cultural contexts. We are interested in connections, entanglements and exchange, both within and between the global North and South. These could involve, for example, people, ideas, authority, experiences, finances, practices, technologies, and media. We welcome a range of approaches including those concerning networks, ritual, performance, emotions, mediation, and imaginaries.


World Christianity

Facilitated by Dyron Daughrity and Todd Hartch

Meets approx. every other month

Contact: Dyron Daughrity (

This group considers Christianity in a global context. Scholars interested in world Christianity typically have a broad understanding of the developments, movements, and institutions of Christian history. Many world Christianity scholars have a geographical expertise (e.g. West Africa, South India, Korea, etc.), but will typically share a broad interest in the Christian faith as a global movement.


Further questions? Contact Assistant Secretary for Membership Andrew Hansen ( for more information.