Church History: Studies in

Christianity and Culture

Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that publishes original research articles and book reviews covering all areas of the history of Christianity and its cultural contexts in all places and times, including its non-Western expressions. Specialists and historians of Christianity in general find Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture an international publication regularly cited throughout the world and an invaluable resource.

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The journal of Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, is proud to announce its June 2018 issue (volume 87, issue 2). This issue features the following original articles:

From Jewish Apocrypha to Christian Tradition: Citations of Jubilees in Epiphanius's Panarion
Anne Kreps

“My Temple Should Be a House of Prayer”: The Use and Misuse of Carolingian Churches
Dana M. Polanichka

Papal Bulls as Instruments of Reform: The Reception of the Protection Bulls of Gregory VII in the Dioceses of Liège and Thérouanne (1074–1077)
Brigitte Meijns

Elijah in Dorset: William Freke and Enthusiasm in England and the Atlantic World at the Turn of the Eighteenth Century
Martin Greig

All Catholics Are Spiritualists: The Boundary Work of Mary Gove Nichols and Thomas Low Nichols
Jonathan D. Riddle

The Virgin of Guadalupe, Juan Diego, and the Revival of the Tilma Relic in Los Angeles
Kirstin Noreen

This issue also contains numerous book reviews and a list of books received. For more information, see