ASCH Working Groups FAQ

What is an ASCH Working Group?

ASCH working groups connect scholars with a specific shared interest (e.g., geographic area, period, sub-field, etc.) in the research and teaching of the history of Christianity for regular online meetings throughout the year. Working groups provide a more regular and smaller avenue of scholarly connection for ASCH members, in addition to periodic opportunities like the annual meeting.

How often do working groups meet, and what do they do?

Working groups will convene, typically online via Zoom, on a schedule determined by group members, but at least a few times each semester. ASCH working groups will also be granted space for an in-person gathering of the group as part of the annual meeting, as conference space allows.

Who can participate in an ASCH working group?

ASCH working groups are open to anyone (including non-ASCH members) who share the scholarly interest of the group. Facilitators of a working group must be ASCH members. Approved working groups will be listed on the ASCH website and in email communications to the membership, along with facilitators’ contact information.

How do I propose an ASCH working group?

Each working group needs two facilitators who act as co-conveners for the community. Ideally these include both a more established scholar plus a graduate student or early career scholar, in order to expand the reach of the group across the breadth of the ASCH membership. Facilitators serve as the point of contact for interested participants, invite potential participants, help set and maintain a regular schedule of meetings and communicate meeting details to all participants, and arrange for the hosting of the actual meetings online.

To propose an ASCH working group, please complete this proposal form. You will be asked for your group’s title and description, facilitators’ names and contact information, and some basic information about the plan for the group. The ASCH Membership Committee will review proposals. Working groups may continue beyond this academic year, but facilitators will need to update the group’s information annually with the ASCH membership committee in order to remain listed as a current ASCH working group.

Further questions? Contact Assistant Secretary for Membership Andrew Hansen ( for more information.