Call For Contributions: The Radical Religious Press in Western Europe and North America, 1780-1914 

Abstracts by June 15, 2024

Original contributions are being sought for an edited collection on the Radical Religious Press in Western Europe and North America, to be published by the University of Edinburgh Press as part of a three-volume series on the Radical Press, 1780-1914. For the purposes of this volume, “radical” is broadly defined to include religious periodicals, individuals, and institutions that espoused views outside the mainstream of traditional orthodox thought and practice. While the radical religious press certainly encompasses the publications of progressive and dissenting traditions, it might also include journals that presented conservative challenges to established churches. 

The editors are particularly interested in manuscripts addressing topics including press coverage of religious diversity, social reform (such as abolition, temperance, and labor issues), church and state, mission work and humanitarianism, as well as issues related to nature of the press itself (including its relationship to denominations and ecclesiastical institutions). While chapters that consider these issues from a comparative or transatlantic perspective are strongly encouraged, case studies of a particular periodical, or of specific national or denomination contexts, are also welcome.  

200-word abstracts are requested by June 15, 2024. Pending acceptance of the abstract, 6000-word chapters will be due by March 1, 2025. Publication is anticipated in early 2026. 

For more information, please contact the editors, David Mislin ( and Tom-Eric Krijger (  

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